About Three Lights Projects & Design 

Rebecca Barbee

Three Lights Projects & Design is a home renovation and design consultation business located in Durham, North Carolina. When working with clients or working on our own investment projects, our mission is to create thoughtfully composed spaces that are beautiful, inviting, and functional. Three Lights works with our clients’ individual aesthetic goals and within their budget to make the best use of their space. Our designs seek to blend modern living with a home’s unique architectural elements.

About Rebecca and Jess

Jess Dorrance

A passion for designing and re-arranging spaces in homes has roots in both of our childhoods. But it wasn't until 2009, when we moved from Carrboro to Durham and renovated our own home, that we fell in love with the process. So in 2010, we took the leap to renovating investment properties. Four years later, Three Lights began to work one-on-one with clients. In the winter of 2016, Rebecca became a licensed broker in N.C. and, in addition to running Three Lights, began working with Urban Durham Realty in 2017.